About Me

I was born in Bavaria and grew up in the Black Forest in Southern Germany.
My path has led me to work and study in Tuebingen, Germany, Yellow Springs, Ohio,
Costa Rica, Central America, Sydney, Australia, San Francisco, Berlin,
Traifelberg including many other well known and outskirt-locations.

iris in sonne_2

My favourite part of the university was writing the Master thesis. It encouraged me
to dive into interesting fields such as: Camera techniques, montage,
film music as well as Surrealism, Avant-Garde film, the world of Vaudeville, and dream analysis.

The theme, “The Motif of Dreams in Film”, brought me to Sydney on a scholarship
to research further and to complete a practical oriented Master of Media Arts and Production.
If you are interested to read more about my work experience or film projects, go to the CV-link
in this section.

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